9 Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

Among the most exciting times in a baby’s development process is when they start standing or walking. However, this stage isn’t usually easy for them without the proper supporting toys or equipment.

Procuring a suitable developmental toy can significantly encourage your little one to stand and experience the world differently.

These toys can help your baby learn how to stand faster by providing them with balance and support, plus many other fun activities to be more creative and master fine motor skills.

Instead of your baby leaning on coffee tables and holding on to furniture and the wall only to stand around, standing toys can significantly boost their confidence and stability. Luckily, manufacturers are now producing more refined and up-to-the-minute developmental toys with designs and features favoring kids.

But with the numerous choices available in the market today, selecting the most suitable walking toys or standing toys for your child can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

To spare you this struggle, we’ve assembled for you the ten best-selling and top-ranked toys to help your baby stand and their features, plus other essential information to help you understand well your child’s growth and needs.

Developmental milestones describe the physical skills / behaviors of infants and kids as they continue growing.

Some of these milestones are rolling over, crawling, sitting, walking, talking, bouncing, climbing, playing and more.

It’s important to remember that each child is unique and reaches various milestones in their paces.

So, it’s advisable to be patient with your child, depending on their development speed. In case of concerns, it’s appropriate to seek advice / help from your pediatrician.

Examples of developmental milestones to watch out for when your child approaches the age of one are:

1. Physical Milestones

Physical milestones are categorized into two categories: fine and gross motor skills.

Kids usually develop gross motor skills first. Examples of these skills are standing, crawling, sitting up, and walking.
On the other hand, fine motor skills describe accurate movements like drawing shapes, holding, and picking up objects.

2. Emotional & Social Milestones

These milestones occur when babies have already grasped well their emotions and those of others.

They also include the development of sympathy and learning of playing and interaction of kids with other people.

Examples of kids’ behaviors during this phase are self-soothing, showing emotions with their facial expressions, preferring other people more than others, crying or getting clingy when you’re leaving, imitating other people’s actions/movements, and more.

3. Cognitive Milestones

These milestones involve babies’ ability to learn, think, and solve issues.

Some examples of these milestones are a heightened urge to explore things, searching for items where you hide, purposefully dropping objects for you to pick, and more.

During this stage, it’s best to procure toys that encourage open-ended games and physical stimulation, for example, textured balls and blocks.

4. Communications Milestones

Communication milestones refer to any nonverbal or verbal communication children use as they grow.

They can include behaviors like copying or babbling sounds/gestures, increased keenness as you talk, pointing what they want with their finger(s), responding / understanding your verbal cues, like no, yes, stop, and more.

toys to help baby stand

7 Essential Aspects to Consider Before Purchasing Standing Toys for Your Child

Before selecting a developmental toy for your child, it’s essential to consider these seven critical factors:

1. Convertibility

For more versatile use, it’s best to go for toys you can easily convert from a standing toy to a floor toy, a baby walking toy, or a baby activity table.

2. Surface

Before buying your baby’s toy, you’d want to consider your home surface / baby’s playing space first.

Is it wood, tiled, or carpeted? Will the toy slip/slide on the floor?

Answering these queries will guide you to getting the most suitable toy depending on your home’s surface.

3. Sturdiness

You should select a strong toy that will comfortably support your baby without breaking, disassembling, or falling over.

4. Safety

It’s best not to buy toys with small pieces your kid can easily swallow.

You can warrant your baby’s safety by getting toys with parts bigger than their mouth and without sharp edges.

5. Weight

Babies’ toys come in varying weights based on their sizes, construction materials, and design.

For smaller infants, it’s good to select lightweight toys they can easily handle and can’t hurt them when they accidentally drop on their legs.

6. Strings

Your child’s developmental toy should not have long strings that can choke them or restrict movement.

It’s best to cut them off if necessary or tie them into knots to prevent such risks.

7. Toxic products

The material used to make baby toys matters a lot.

It’s best to read their labels to avoid getting tools made from hazardous materials.

Some of the dangerous components to check out for are BPA, phthalates, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and more.

9 Best Baby Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

Another fantastic and efficient developmental toy for your child is this Fisher-Price 4-in-1 toy.

It’s equipped with many buttons, phrases, and songs to keep your baby engaged throughout the day.

It comes with a good-sized and soft keyboard mat, light-up drums, microphone, adjustable height, washable seat pad, and other exciting features to motivate your baby to stand, walk and acquire new skills.

It measures 28.53”x31.5”x22.44″, uses 3 AA batteries, and it’s portable and easy to set up.

Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

This great toy has four playing areas, and they include the pup’s home, zoo, market, and farm animals that can quickly take your baby’s attention for long and other vital fixtures that can significantly enhance their motor skills.

It comes with many features your child can play with, including a spinning roller, doors they can open or close, sliders, a role-playing phone, piano keys with lights, buttons to press, and sounds to keep their senses engaged. It is definitely one of the best sensory toys that can help your baby stand up.

You can adjust it to various forms depending on your baby’s age/development. It can be a playing table, or you can include its legs when your baby develops from a sitting position to a standing position or cruising.

Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

If your baby loves music, this toy can be the perfect toy to help them learn to stand and walk!

This toy targets your baby’s attention by helping them discover or compose their music. Tapping the piano will produce musical notes, and pressing the button introduces different colors and numbers your child will find attractive and fun.

It can play more than 65 songs and says words in three different languages: French, English, and Spanish, thus improving your baby’s language skills.

Its erasable and removable writing surface can come in handy when your child starts learning how to write.

It’s also big enough for your kid to use comfortably, measuring 16.5”x4.5”x15″.

Kids between 6-36 months can use it with great joy!

Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

With this table, your baby will have different activities he could indulge in Spanish or English.

This toy comes with steering wheel, that your little one can use to move around it, a book with pages to flip for melodies, buttons that produce music and colors, and role play baby phone and numbers to contact animal buddies or imitate you.

Its convertibility makes it an excellent standing toy and a play table. For attaining better fine motor skills, you can tighten the gears according to your kid’s age.

It measures 14.92”x19.76”x16.81″, and it’s suitable for young ones ranging between 6-36 months of age.

Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

Your kid can use this push toy as a sit-to-stand baby walker, drawing board, activity walker, and a playing table.

It can aid coordination and the baby’s strength when they push it forward to learn how to stand and acquire walking skills.

It’ll activate sound/music immediately after your baby starts using it, getting their attention and inspiring them to make their first steps.

It comes with an engine switch, lever, turning page, beads, diving simulation, small telephone, and rotated rattle to keep your baby engaged for an extended period.

It also has a pet pen, drawing board, and four attractive props that can be handy for your baby’s development process.

It also has two speed modes, slow and fast, which you can adjust based on your child’s development process and pace.

Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

This activity table is suitable for anyone looking for a minimalist sit-to-stand, push toy, or walking toy for their baby.

It doesn’t have wheels, has a wooden body, a table design, and spring-loaded legs to hold firmly as your baby stands without rolling away from them or limiting their movement.

Babies will quickly move from their knees to their feet and comfortably push this table around a given space.

Its feet allow slow and steady movement, which is crucial for babies learning to stand and walk.

Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

This Vtech toy is among the most interactive toys today for babies ranging between 6-36 months of age.

It has a detachable play panel and more than 70 songs, piano keys, spinners, lights, shape sorters, and a role play phone.

It measures 16.5”x14,2”x18.1″ and can be modified to be a playing table or a walking/standing table.

Its wheels are rubber and plastic coated, making them suitable for both hard floors and carpets.

The toy’s adjustable speed makes it even more ideal as it provides kids the confidence to move at their own pace and receive all the patience they need.

Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

This Radio Fyler baby toy is the most famous standing toy today and is one of the best-selling stand-up toys.

Its firm resistance clickers make it perfect for kids, learning to stand as the toy will not move so quickly.

It also comes with a storage box to keep toys and other objects encouraging babies to stand and make their first steps.

The toy’s classic design, colorful red body, high durability, and ample space make it a suitable standing and developmental toy for kids aged 1 to 4 year olds.

It measures 22.44”x14.57”x17.13”with a weight capacity of 35lbs.

This wooden walker, with its detachable wooden stake panels, makes it even look classier, and the bumper feature makes it a friendly toy for your home’s floors/walls.

Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023Best Toys to Help Baby Stand in 2023

Kids can utilize this toy in three significant ways: an activity table, walking/standing support, and a drawing table.

It has an enhanced design that targets to provide balanced support for both baby legs to prevent bow-legged walking.

Its stable structure and adjustable speed modes allow you to modify the speed depending on your baby’s learning pace and age.

It also has an in-built sensor to automatically produce sound effects or music when a baby uses it, encouraging them to keep moving and making their first steps.

Its happy town and driving simulation provide a perfect activity center for your baby to explore, increasing their creativity and intelligence.

The many playing items on the toy offer your child a better chance of fine motor skills and proper hand-eye coordination/ concentration.

Your baby can also learn various imagination/creativity skills by using the included changeable drawing table, pen, and shape stamps. You can have a better opportunity to bond with your kid by teaching them how to write on this board.

Final Thoughts

Baby walkers/ baby pull toys / sit-to-stand developmental toys can encourage your baby to move, stand and make their first steps.

In many cases, babies start to learn to stand and walk when they’re about nine months of age; however, this may vary with kids. Developmental stand toys inspire babies to stand and walk by offering them the support, confidence, and motivation to do so while simultaneously giving them a playful and fun engagement tool.

But it’s good to consider their strength, weight, safety, convertibility, and the type of your home’s floor to buy a high-quality and more suitable toy for your child.