Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling Baby in 2023 

The craziest part of child development is when they begin to crawl and reach different points where they can fall and hit their head on surfaces; it may turn the joy of a parent and that of a child into sad moments. 

When a baby is growing and starting to crawl, they are carefree, and they may not know that they will get hurt. To avoid painful experiences and many worries, you need to get the best safety helmet for your soft baby.

baby safety helmets

A baby safety helmet is a protective gear that will ensure the safety of your baby’s head when they encounter any baby’s head injuries or accidents at home on the head parts. It is a product that you can fit on your kid’s heads to protect them when they want to crawl, walk or stand.

Baby’s protective cap is designed primarily to offer babies ideal protection so that their parents will have peace of mind knowing that their agile babies are safe, even as they become uncontrollable and begin to enjoy exploring many things when they are young.

What is The Difference Between a Safety Helmet and a Baby Bike Helmet?

When you are looking for a safety helmet for your baby, and you have never seen it, it may become difficult to distinguish between them and the bike helmet, but there is a difference to look out for, which include:

When you pick the two – a bike helmet and a baby safety helmet, a safety helmet consists of spongy and soft material. The padding is fitted perfectly to offer head protection from encounters that are bumps and bruises. A baby may also hit their heads on scratchy furniture or walls, and the safety helmet protects them from such meetings.

Bikes helmet covers the entire head to offer protection and impact resistance when a rider gets involved in an accident. Baby safety helmets are not entirely covered; they have large air vents to allow good air permeability and plenty of air circulation on a baby’s head and will enable them to remain calm. An infant bicycle helmet can cause overheating because it is fully enclosed.

Bikes helmets are made stiff and rigid to keep a child’s head very safe when their fall in a collision and challenging terrain when riding. Because of their surface and material used, they are not convenient for use indoors where a kid learns to crawl as they will leave scratches on your walls and furniture. Safety helmets are soft to cause destruction.

Do Crawling Babies Need Helmets?

When babies reach the crawling stage where they become active and agile, and a parent can no longer control them, you cannot set them captive but allow them to explore the world on their terms. In doing so, they are likely to get injuries. 

For your peace of mind and that of our baby’s safety, your baby need safety helmets to protect them from fall and damages that they encounter.

What Are The Features of a Good Safety Helmet For A Crawling Baby?

Size of Infant's Head

The most important thing to consider when looking for a baby’s safety helmet is to find a fitting baby’s head size. A good match should fit your baby’s head perfectly to avoid tightness or big size, which may come off quickly and not offer the protection needed. 

The best way to know which size fits your baby is by taking your baby’s head circumference measurement. Ensure that you include an inch to cover the eyebrows area because that is the area that is usually thick

Air Vents

During play, when a child is crawling, their bodies can overheat and sweat. Usually, most of the heat is released through a child’s head. Therefore, to prevent overheating your child’s head, it would be best to consider a safety helmet with enough spaces on the head to allow free air circulation to keep your child’s head cool.

Safety Accreditations

When looking for a perfect fit safety helmet for your baby, ensure that you also check if they have safety accreditation labels on them. Also, a good safety helmet must be fully certified by a reliable institution such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Additionally, it should be warranted for the role it needs; you cannot use a safety helmet for bike riding; otherwise, you could be looking for a bike helmet and not a baby safety helmet.

Flat Back

When you plan to come with your baby on your bike on a bike trailer or place them on a child seat. It would be best to find a baby safety helmet with a flat back. This feature will ensure that your baby’s helmet remains in place on the child’s head and will not be shifting forward, and your kid, when they fall asleep, they can lean back with ease and sleep when you are riding.

Pinch-Free Buckles

Most of us can remember the pain we went through when we were kids. Every child can remember a painful encounter and avoid a place where they experienced a distressing encounter. Therefore, it may become challenging to try to plead with your child to do something that hurt them, and they are still afraid off, they will cry a lot no matter the pleading.

The same can happen with safety helmets that your child experience painful moments and their skin are caught in the buckles. You will have problems convincing them to wear the same helmet again. Therefore, it would be best to find a safety helmet with a pinch-free clip so that your kid can only enjoy the reward it brings their head safe.

Helmet Structure

The construction of a baby safety helmet and a bike helmet is for different purposes. Therefore, you need to know the other and how to differentiate them.

Multiple Impacts

When looking for a safe baby helmet, the best one in the market has multiple impact points. 

These types are essential to consider, especially if you plan to ride your kid on your bike in different places. It will offer them protection if an accident occurs where your kid can fall and hit their head from any size of the fall. The regular protective hat can only protect the front or back part of your child’s head.

baby safety helmets

Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling

Many brands are available in the market of baby safety helmets for crawling babies, which can be confusing for a parent looking for the right type to buy for their active baby. 

It would be best to look for certain factors before settling for a given piece and not just pick the first helmet you see on the shelf. Here are the best baby helmets to consider:

Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023

This infant helmet is available for babies and toddlers aged between seven months and two years. It has an adjustable size, so it can fit the baby’s head circumference well, depending on the baby’s head size. 

It is an ultra-light head gear. It has airflow vents with breathable cotton materials lining that retain little body heat. Additionally, it has expandable and adjustable straps to fit different head-sized perfectly. This helmet has won numerous awards for its perfection to protect unsteady feet and support the baby’s independence status.

Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023

A Thudguard Helmet is made using thick impact protective foam to prevent serious head injury when infants encounter bumps and thuds. It has a comfortable stretchy circumference band and good ventilation for air circulation to the head. Additionally, it has an adjustable strap, and a child can use it during early cycling days.

Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023

This is another great baby’s helmet designed to offer protection from head cushion and bumper bonnet to active kids learning to walk, stand and crawl. It is perfectly fitted with protective head caps to save a kid from multiple bumps and bruising experiences.

IULONEE is made of cotton and polyester for a sweat-absorbent, soft, and breathable helmet to protect the young ones. Additionally, it is fitted with an elastic spongy material to control smell and offers shock-absorbing when a child encounters impact forces.

Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023

This piece of a helmet is available to kids aged between 6-60 months learning to stand, crawl and walk to save them from bums and bruising experiences. It has shock absorption, impact resistance features, and is made of very soft cotton for comfort and breathability experiences that can suit a child’s daily indoor activity.

Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023

It comes with crawling knee pads to offer protection to a toddler’s knees and prevent scratches and bruises and baby socks from keeping the feet warm. It has adjustable belts, which are easy to adjust to secure your kid’s head.

The helmet’s high-quality elastic sponge offers shock-absorbing and gives your baby additional protection from the impact of an external force.

This set includes 3 pairs of baby socks and 3 more pairs of baby knee pads!

Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023

HuIifen is designed for infants ages between 2-60 months for protection when crawling, playing, and learning to walk. It is made with cotton lining and filling and a multi-functional forming material to help avoid and mitigate head damage to an infant’s head when they collide during play.

Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023Best Baby Safety Helmets for Crawling in 2023

TORSO can effectively protect your baby when they encounter friction from bumps and falls. It also suits a toddler’s indoors and outdoors activity needs.

It comes with protective knee pads and is available for babies between 6 to 36 months. This helmet is comfortable for a baby to wear, made of non-toxic material, BPA free, and cannot harm your kids.