Best Shoes for Kids With Wide Feet In 2023

Are your little one’s feet a bit wide? Does your kid complain that the shoe you got them is too tight? If yes, then it would be best you start looking for shoes with wider width.

Getting comfortable and well-fitting shoes for your little one is critical as unfitting shoes can have detrimental effects on them. Examples of these effects are foot deformities, feet instability, blisters, falls, in-grown toenails, callus, hammertoes, pain, and other minor foot ailments.

Statistics indicate that more than 60% of kids wear unfit shoes, and about 30% tend to get irreversible foot deformities like hallux valgus, caused when their bigger toe is pressed inwards.

So, besides comfortability and easy walking, your baby needs well-fitting shoes to avoid being a victim to some of the effects mentioned above.

Luckily, there are wide shoes for every kid due to the many types, designs, and sizes available.

If you have trouble selecting the right shoe for your child’s wide feet, then you’re just on the correct page. This post discusses the 13 best kids’ shoes for wide feet, plus other essential detail to help you pick the most comfortable and high-quality footwear for your little darling.

Many parents usually rely on visual and sensory tests to determine their best children’s shoes sizes, but that’s not always the best approach.

For instance, let’s consider the thumb test (pressing the top of your kid’s shoe to see if there’s extra space. When using this method, kids can easily fold their toes inside the feet due to reflex, making you think it has extra space.

Kids require shoes with an additional roll of about 0.5 inches to easily roll their feet when they walk. It’s also best to measure their little feet after 2-3 months since they tend to develop quickly.


The best shoes for a wide-footed child should have an extra depth for their feet to fit nicely inside them, without rubbing against the top area of the shoes. It also eliminates the risk of developing toe blisters as their toes aren’t pressed inwards.

Toe-Boxes shape

Wide-footed kids require shoes with a wide toe-box and a rounder toe-box to prevent their toes from being forced inwards or overlapping toenails due to narrower front end (at the end of the shoes).

Shoe fitting with socks

Kids usually feel more comfortable wearing shoes with socks. It would help if you got a shoe that fits them well even when they put on socks.


You should know your child’s shoe size to avoid buying small or big-sized footwear. While it’s tempting to go for slightly bigger shoes, it’s advisable to resist this urge as such shoes can also pose adverse effects like the small-sized ones.

It’s wiser to get shoes that have extra room for your child’s little piggies to comfortably wiggle but not too big that they could fall over easily when walking.


Children’s feet tend to change and grow faster as they grow. You should consider your baby’s age and development rate to buy the most suitable shoe for them.

Babies who haven’t started walking yet usually don’t need shoes, but if you are incredibly eager to purchase such child shoes for their exciting first steps, you should ensure they’re not too tight-fitting and have softer soles.

If you’re looking to buy shoes your child can wear outdoors, it would be best to ensure they have a non-slip, soft, and flexible sole, has padding at the ankle and behind the heel for ankle support, and secure loop closures.

best shoes for kids with wide feet

13 Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet

Getting the right shoes for your wide-feet kid can be pretty simple if you know where to look and some of the best choices the market has to offer. There are shoe brands known to create some of the best wide-feet kid shoes today, and examples are Saucony, Stride Rite, and New Balance.

Below are the 13 best children’s shoes for wide feet, including their features, pros, and cons to help you have an easy and non-stressful time selecting the most comfortable and fitting shoes for your little kid.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

Just from its name, this Stride Rite shoe was genuinely built for playing children needing wide width shoes.

Its footbeds are made from memory foam to enhance comfort and support.

Its anti-stink technology will help your baby’s feet to remain fresh and good-smelling every day they wear them.

It also features a hook and loop closure, allowing your child to wear and remove them quickly.

The most exciting feature about this shoe is it’s machine-washable and wide enough to provide enough room and comfort to kids.

The upper part of the shoe is made using 100% leather and mesh and has a rubber sole to enhance support, grip, and durability.

However, it might not be the best shoe for kids with extra wide feet.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

The Duramo 9 is a standard running shoe constructed for high comfortability.

It features a higher cushioning level and a cloud-form midsole that can make the wearer feel like they don’t have shoes on.

It has lace-up closure and a wide size that can fit your child’s feet well.

Its sole is made of rubber, breathable mesh upper part with a textile lining.

You can find this shoe in 6 different colors, including black, scarlet, magenta, grey, dark blue, blue, and purple mint.

The Duramo 9 lightweight body and wear-resistant sole will provide your baby enough support and comfort for a long time.

Its machine-washable feature makes it easy to clean them, making them the perfect choice for busy parents.

On the downside, this shoe has a cement construction that can be unsuitable for rough, dynamic kids.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

With its sleekness, adorable prints, patterns, and colors, these comfy shoes can be the best option for your wide-feet little angel.

It has a T-strap and adjustable closure that allows little girls to wear and remove them quickly.

Its most unique feature is its deep flex sole grooves that allow easy maneuvering of legs, a good choice for active kids who love playing and running around all day.

It has great traction due to the rubber outsole; hence, you’ll not have to worry about your child falling even on slippery grounds.

Its memory foam footbed will ensure your baby gets the comfort and arch support needed with shoes on, and the 100% leather body makes it a highly durable shoe with high resistance to wear and tear.

However, the designs with glitters can easily annoy you when then glitters start falling off after using them for a while.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

This shoe doesn’t have a wide width’ option, but they have a widercut than many regular-sized children’s shoes.

Its outsole is made of rubber with a Herringbone lug pattern that offers a solid base for little girls of different ages to play.

Its padded tongue and collar, removable sock liner, and breathable lining will ensure your baby’s feet are always comfy and non-sweaty.

This Robyne sneaker has a vulcanized construction, making it highly durable, flexible, and non-heavy.

The built-in toe cap offers extra protection for your girl’s toes and durability, while the velcro straps of a hook and loop closure provides a more secure fit and further adjustability.

This a good shoe for a little girl with slightly wider feet, but it’s somewhat pricey.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

Saucony Kid’s Ride is one of the top-rated shoes for children with wide feet.

It’s super light and strong for children to move quickly and use for an extended period.

It features an exceptional traction outsole, solid lateral support and comes in many several sizes.

This shoe’s leather and mesh upper and Velcro closure make it easy for kids to put it on quickly while ensuring their feet remain fresh due to higher breathability.

It’s available in different colors with stylish designs many kids love.

It’s also machine-washable and is ISOFIT technology with a modern toe cage for enhanced comfort and fitness.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

While this Nike is purposefully constructed to be an athletic shoe, its size and design make it an excellent choice for wide and flat-feet kids.

It aids easy movement and offers enhanced support with its high-traction soles.

Its foam insole and deep flex grooves provide enough comfort and support during various types of movements. It can also be perfect all-day footwear due to its high comfortability and elegance.

The Nike Revolution 4 is true to its size, and it’s highly breathable, thanks to its mesh upper.

It has a lace-up closure, and you can find it in several colors you can choose from based on your child’s gender or preference.

However, the lace-up closure isn’t usually the best choice for little kids as most of them don’t know or cannot tie laced shoes by themselves.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

Crocs are a popular shoe choice for many people today, including kids.

This footwear is exceptionally lightweight and easy to put on, making it a perfect option for all types of children.

Crocs are compatible with many outfits, comfortable, and simple to maintain and wash.

They have small holes for breathability, a slip-on closure for kids to wear and remove quickly, and a backstrap for enhanced support and fastening.

Crocs are highly affordable and come in more than ten colors, offering a wide choice to match every kid’s flair.

The main disadvantage of this footwear is the big space at their foot bases that ac easily allow dirt or sand to get into your child’s feet.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

If you’re residing in a rainy region and looking for sturdy wide-footed shoes your child can use through rain, then the UBFEN Water shoe can be the right choice for you.

This shoe’s pull tab makes it easy for kids to wear.

It’s also waterproof and non-heavy, making it versatile footwear for many occasions.

UBFEN Water shoe is also highly flexible, comfortable, and stylish, with a strap-on closure for a perfect fit.

Its enhanced rubber sole and thick insole eliminates the risks of sharp objects harming your child and falling on slippery surfaces.

You can find this shoe at an affordable price and in five different colors: pink, green, grey, orange, and black.

However, while it’s a comfortable kid’s shoe, the upper part of the show is not highly protective, and it’s not accurate to its size.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

Besides being stylish, comfy, and durable, this shoe is reasonably cheap for its high quality.

It features a flexible vulcanized rubber outsole for maximum cushioning and easy movement of kids’ feet.

It has a strong canvas upper with a double hook and loop closure that allows kids to wear and take off without struggling and ensures their feet fit securely even when moving.

You can also select one color your child loves from the eight available colors: olive, khaki, grey, white, orange, red, navy-salt wash, and brown + orange.

However, this shoe may not be the best for kids with extra-wide width feet due to its relatively short straps.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

This flashy Adidas shoe will have your child running comfortably, in style.

While it’s mainly created for basketball, it’s perfect all-day footwear for wide-feet children.

It offers the best protection due to its EVA midsole and raised soft ankle level.

Its TPU midfoot support acts as a shock absorber, and the wide-width design can comfortably accommodate most kids’ feet.

The rubber outsole ensures a steady grip, even on slippery floors, and the knit breathable upper prevents the child’s foot from getting sweaty or too hot.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

Another high-quality and comfortable Stride Rite kids shoe is this SRT Wes casual sneaker.

It’s a good shoe for toddler’s wide feet with 1-4 years and comes in three different width fittings.

It has a rounded, lightweight sole with pods for enhanced grip and high flexibility.

It also has a twill lining to ensure your little kid’s feet are always odor-free and fresh.

The alternative closure option (laces) plus the hook and loop will provide an excellent way to adjust, wear and remove the shoes without hassling.

The rounded edges of this shoe will also minimize the risks of your little one falling or stumbling.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

Are you looking for the best wide-feet shoes your little champ can wear during school gym, hikes, jungle, and trail without wearing off quickly? Then this Merrel moccasin can be your best choice.

Just like the adult Merrel mocassin, this shoe has a high-fraction outsole with an M-Select grip.

The M-Select FRESH technology will ensure your child’s legs remain odorless, even during sweltering weather.

While it’s a durable shoe, most kids may not like due to its look. It may also be a bit stiff during the first few days after purchase.

Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023Best Shoes for Kids with Wide Feet in 2023

This lace-up K-Swiss leather sneaker is among the most stylish and comfortable shoes for kids with wide feet.

Its molded rubber soles, EVA sock liner, longer shaft, and soft textile collar lining offer little kids sufficient support and comfort as they walk and play.

It comes in two width sizes, wide and medium, and is suitable for little kids and toddlers with around 1-8 years.

It comes in different colors and has a lace-up closure.

However, this type of closure may not be the best for kids who can’t tie the traditional laces themselves.

Final Thoughts

Kids need well-fitting and comfortable shoes to walk without difficulties and to avoid getting foot deformities or ailments.

To buy the right  size for your child, you need first to consider their age and the shoe’s purpose.

You should also ensure the shoe’s closure, breathability, width, cushioning, support, and weight are child-friendly.

The shoe you get should be lightweight, have proper soles, breathable material, and have the right closure. The best closure for kids is hook and loop.